Hi, I’m Will – the Conversion Copywriter from Brighton, UK

I help coaches & consultants sell more products so you can spend more time helping the people that need you the most

My Story

Making a living from writing was a pipe dream of mine since I was 21. But I never knew how to do it. (Somehow “copywriting” eluded my Google searches.) So I put that idea on the shelf and worked a tonne of different jobs until I found myself working on a cruise ship (…as you do) hoping a vision for the future would appear over the horizon. And it did. It just took a while.

After months of working LONG hours at sea on board a 5-star cruise ship, the novelty of enjoying piña coladas on dreamlike beaches had worn off. 

I loved constantly meeting new guests, crew, and of course getting paid to see the world, but the job itself wasn’t for me. I needed a new plan. So I made a deal with myself to quit, learn how to code, move to London, and get a job as a web developer. And I did all four.

Mission accomplished. But there was a problem: I was in the wrong job (again). Working in central London as part of a 100+ team, writing code, was not a healthy setup for me. I’m all about flow states and I just couldn’t find them when coding. But I will always be grateful for that job as I got to work with a team of copywriters. (Lightbulb moment… at last.)

Conversion Copywriter



Become a freelance copywriter. (Otherwise known as a “salesman behind a typewriter”.) 

I went All Out: I quit my job, moved back home and started copywriting. Like a mad scientist, I became a hermit and learned how to write copy through online courses, marketing books, writing out classic sales letters by hand, taking on small projects and building up from there.

I’ve worked on 100’s of projects since 2015 as I’ve teamed up with agencies, coaches and consultants across multiple industries. And still doing it today, enjoying it more than ever.

So why do I write for coaches & consultants? Because that’s what I enjoy the most. I’m an advocate for online learning as it’s helped me carve out a new career for myself – twice. 

Searching for something online that interests you, investing time and money into it, and feeling the positive impact it has on your life is one of the most rewarding things I’ve experienced.

Freelance copywriter

So as you’re here, are you struggling to find some “quiet time” to sit down and write your copy?

I bet. You’ve got a product to launch that’s taken you months to put together… (Obviously you want the juice to be worth the squeeze.)

BUT you’ve got a team to manage, back-to-back meetings, and a to-do list that’s taken on a life of its own – finding the time and headspace to write a copy that converts just ain’t happening.

Wouldn’t it be sooo much easier if you got someone else to write it, someone whose job it is to say the right thing, at the right time, to the right people?

Because copy should never be a box to “tick off”. When you don’t give it the attention it requires, you get fewer leads and you’ll have to work harder to get in front of the right people to show them that you can help them. Acing your copy saves you time and makes you more money.


That’s my about page.

Now it’s your turn.


Be bold. Share your story. Show people how you can help them

and see the difference it makes.