Copywriting packages

Copywriting packages overview     

10-Minute Teardown 

“The Preview”

Send me your website or email campaign etc. and I’ll send you a video of me commenting on anything I see that’s costing you customers and what can be improved.

Suitable for…

Those interested in working with me but want to hear my opinion on your existing marketing materials before we start anything. (Please note, I can only do teardowns when I have the time, and if your company looks like one I can help.)

Startup in a Box

“The Upstart”

Who has the arrogance to swing for the fences right outta the gate with a website that wins customers… YOU? Why wait years to go all out? Do it now.

Suitable for…

Startups who need to get up and running with a strong website that features all the key pages they need to start attracting, converting, and retaining customers.

Copy Tuneups

“The Awakener”

Already got a website and some email marketing campaigns up and running but not happy with the results? Let’s try and turn that around with copy that helps you achieve your marketing goals

Suitable for…

Businesses that have a website, sales pages, and emails up and running etc. but they’re not converting too well. And you’re ready to change that!

All Out Copy!

 “The Humdinger”

We’re gonna need a bigger cafetière… more power to you! Launching something? Tearing up something old to start all over? Time to go all out.

Suitable for…

Entrepreneurs wanting to launch a product, or needing to optimise sales funnels. Basically, this is for entrepreneurs who know how vital copy is when it comes to attracting, converting, and retaining customers and they’re ready to supercharge their marketing materials.

Do you always seem to need a copywriter?

Copywriting packages FAQs

Can you design wireframes too?

Absolutely, this will be added to the cost of your copywriting package. Here’s a video explaining what wireframes are if you’re unsure.

What is the “Copy Companion Doc”?

It’s a Google Doc featuring the info you need to write your own copy in the future. Whether you’re creating Facebook ads, sales pages or anything else, the Copy Companion will keep you on track so that you’re talking to the right people.

What will you cover in my consultation?

Anything you want. Let me know what you’d like to discuss beforehand, so I can prepare to give you as much value as possible to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Retainer agreement

A retainer gives you a set amount of hours/days from me every week. (I like to review my retainers every 3 months to avoid “coast mode” and stay on track to achieve your marketing goals.)